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Beffta awards 2012: How the night panned out.


The 4th annual Beffta awards was held on the 27th of October 2012, at the Hippodrome, Golder’s Green, London. This event, which is the brain child of Pauline Long, recognizes excellence in Black Entertainment, Fashion, Film, Television and Arts.

Afrocentricity Unleashed was present at this occasion as a nominee for the blog of the year award(thank you for your votes). We did not win this category, but we had a lot of fun on the red carpet and had a chat with a few people from all areas of the Beffta categories.

Stepping onto the red carpet, we were greeted by a horde of photographers, flashing lights and colors which, all together, looked like a typical hollywood blockbuster premier. There were models  dressed in very colorful attires posing for pictures, music artistes, film producers, fashion designers etc having interviews, people complimenting each other`s attires, and everyone generally socializing…and exchanging business cards.

The host of the day was comedian Eddie Kadi alongside Pauline Long. Afrocentricity Unleashed caught up with Lemar who is  a U.K R& B singer and  DJ Abrantee from Choice FM among others. Sir Trevor. who is a renowned media icon won the Beffta Lifetime achievement award, and received one of the few standing ovations acknowledged by all. Also in attendance and onstage was Fabrice Muamba, a premier league footballer who collapsed on the football pitch in march 2012, but was resuscitated by the incredible and relentless effort of paramedics and doctors. He gave a very brief but emotion provoking speech , as well as a vote of thanks for prayers by all during his difficult experience. Below a full list of winners in all categories.


Best Female Act: Lady Leshurr
Best Male Act: Valentine
Best Gospel Act: London Community Gospel Choir
Best International Act: Ruff Kid
Best UK AfroBeats Act: May7ven
Best UK Caribbean Act: Sandra Cross
Best International Afrobeats Act: Juliana Kanyomozi
Best International Caribbean Act: Sean Paul
Best Producer:Victizzle
Best Video Director: Sesan

Best Dance Act: CEO Dancers
Best Dance Choreographer: Tony Adigun

Best Comedian: Eddie Kadi

Station of the year: Colourful Radio
Radio personality of the year: Julie Ann Ryan


Best Community Newspaper: The Vision
Magazine of the year: Afro Pulp
Journalist of the year: Belinda Otas
Blog of the year: We Plug Good Music

Best Events Promoter: Femtej Kreations media

DJ of the year: DJ Unbeetable

Best Photographer: Sync Photography
Fashion Designers

Best Male Fashion Designer: Zekaryas Solomon
Best Female Fashion Designer: Linda Mirembe


Best Hair Stylist: Edee Beau
Best Wardrobe Stylist: Erica Matthews

Make-up Artists

Best Make-up Artist: Kristy Prince
Fashion Choreographers

Best Fashion Choreographer:Yvonne Simon

Best male model: Salisu Abdullai
Best female model: Lisette Mibo
Best Modelling Agency: Demus Castings
Beauty Pageants

Best Beauty Pageant: Miss Black Africa
Best Former Beauty Queen: Shirley Dee
Best Beauty Pageant Director: Jacqueline Wabara
Film Category

Best director: Obi Emelonye
Best Actor: Ken Smart
Best Actresses: Anita Bellamy
Best Film: Last Flight to Abuja
Best screenwriter/Scriptwriter : Maxine Chantel
Best theatre production :Belong by Bola Agbaje

TV Category

Best Actress: Chizzy Akudolu
Best Actor: Wale Ojo
Best TV Station: VOX Africa
Best TV Show: Meet The Adebanjos
Best TV personality: Femi Amusan
Best presenter: Fernand Frimpong Jnr
Best Webseries: All About The McKenzies
Best online TV: Factory 78
ART Category

Best Spoken Word Artist/Poets – Oneness Sankara
Best Art Director: Ola Shobowale

Needless to say, it was a star-studded affair with colorful attires and hairstyles all looking very brilliant. Please find below pictures from Beffta awards 2012
courtesy of Nick Reynolds photography(, and a video courtesy factory 78(Beffta winner for best online T.V 2011 & 2012)

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                                                BEAUTY PAGEANTS


                                             EDDIE KADI AND FRIEND                                                  



                                        SIR TREVOR McDONALD(OBE)




                                          SIR TREVOR McDONALD(OBE)




                                    AFROCENTRICITY UNLEASHED TEAM





                                                     MISS GHANA 2012






Beffta awards 2012 part 1

Beffta awards 2012 part 2

Interview with Yejide Kilanko, Author of Daughters Who Walk This Path

Daughters Who Walk This Path depicts the dramatic coming of age of Morayo, a spirited and intelligent girl growing up in 1980s Ibadan who is thrust into a web of oppressive silence woven by the adults around her. It’s a legacy of silence many women in Morayo’s family share. Only Aunty Morenike—once protected by her own mother—provides Morayo with a safe home, and a sense of female community which sustains Morayo as she grows into a young woman in bustling, politically charged, often violent Nigeria ( Afrocentricity Unleashed caught up with Yejide Kilanko, the author of Daughters who walk this path. Enjoy!

Afrocentricity Unleashed: Can I start by asking (for the benefit of our readers), who is Yejide Kilanko?

Yejide Kilanko: I’m a poet, short story writer, novelist and Social Worker in children’s mental health. I currently live in Ontario, Canada with my family. My debut novel, Daughters Who Walk This Path, was published by Penguin Canada in April 2012.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: What was growing up like?

Yejide Kilanko: I was born in Ibadan, Nigeria as the first of five children. My father, a retired university professor, shared with us his love of books and scrabble. So, I fell in love with words at a very early age. I subsequently spent six years at boarding school in Onitsha, a city located in the eastern part of the country. I’m very thankful for that experience and the friends I made.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: When did you develop your passion for writing?

Yejide Kilanko: I started writing poetry at the age of 12. It was the best way I dealt with the angst of growing up in very uncertain times. As a Political Science undergraduate at the University of Ibadan, I wrote for two student press organizations.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: Were there any authors or books you particularly liked while growing up?

Yejide Kilanko: A lot of the books I read came from the African Writer’s Series and from these, the works of Buchi Emecheta, Cyprian Ekwensi and Ama Ata Aidoo, really made me think about issues relating to gender roles and societal expectations. I also read a lot of the books from Macmillian’s Pacesetters Series. In my teenage years, I started watching and reading plays. Zulu Sofola’s Wedlock of The Gods and Athol Fugard’s Sizwe Bansi is Dead are favourites.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: Your new book “Daughters Who Walk This Path” has received a lot of positive and some negative reviews locally and internationally with regards to the portrayal of ills of the Nigerian society. What do you have to say about this?

Yejide Kilanko: I’ll like to say that I’m delighted that people are reading Daughters. It’s every writer’s dream. One thing all Nigerians, can all agree, is that there’s lots of room for improvement in our society. For that change to happen, we need to have ongoing, meaningful conversations. That I can be a little part of making these conversations happen, is an honour.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: Would you say the issue of child abuse and the abuse of women is still a prevalent issue in Nigeria in the 21st century, or could we play safe and stick to a more comfortable fictional explanation?

Yejide Kilanko: I definitely think that women and child abuse is still a big problem in Nigerian society. I know many people who have been affected and I’m not alone. While Daughters is a work of fiction, it does present an accurate picture of current events.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: Would you say male chauvinism is highly prevalent in the African and Afro Carribean society?

Yejide Kilanko:I do think that male chauvinism is highly prevalent in African and Afro Caribbean societies

Afrocentricity Unleashed: Why would you say this?

Yejide Kilanko: From what I know, African and Afro Caribbean societies are mostly patriarchal in nature. In my opinion, this only supports environments where male chauvinistic beliefs thrive.

Afrocentricity Unleashed:In your opinion, what do you think the government, Non-governmental organizations or Charity bodies can do to rehabilitate children or women who are or have been subject to abuse?

Yejide Kilanko: To me, the use of the word rehabilitation, suggests that children and women who have experienced physical or sexual abuse are somewhat responsible for their situation. I don’t think that’s the case. What they need is unflinching support from their families. Relevant services from NGOs working with that population. It’s also important that law enforcement personnel and judiciary, protect and provide opportunities for to seek redress.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: So besides writing potential bestsellers, what are Yejide`s pastimes?

Yejide Kilanko: I love to sing and usually listen to music while I write. I also like to cook. I find the whole process of chopping and stirring, very relaxing.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: What food do you like preparing the most?

Yejide Kilanko: My favourite dish to cook is spicy jollof rice. My kids who love to eat it, call it red rice. They’ve told me to open a restaurant.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: Is there any book in the pipeline which your ardent readers can possibly look forward to?

Yejide Kilanko: My second novel is all written and due for publication in 2014. I’m currently researching a third.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: What is your best advice for aspiring writers like yours sincerely? (Yejide laughs at this point)

Yejide Kilanko: Read, read, read. Read books across different genres. You’ll learn a lot. A writer is someone who writes so don’t be afraid to put something down even if it doesn’t sound right. You can worry about fixing the sentences later. Don’t give up on yourself before you even begin. Seek feedback about your work. Don’t let it crush you. Practice does make better. Keep writing even when you want to give up. Remember to enjoy the process. Remind yourself daily why the heartache of writing and seeking publication is all worth it.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: Can your readers connect with you on any of the social Medias i.e facebook, twitter and the like?

Yejide Kilanko: I have a website You can find me on facebook as
I’m also on (Twitter @YejideKilano)

Afrocentricity Unleashed: On a final note, is there anything you would like to say to your readers out there?

Yejide Kilanko: Thanks for your support. It really makes all the difference.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: Yejide, Afrocentricity Unleashed would like to wish you best of luck in your career and earnestly look forward to another opportunity to discuss with you when your new book is published.

Yejide Kilanko: Thank you for having me and I look forward to coming back in the future.

Afrocentricity Unleashed: We look forward to having you back. Thanks again.

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Giving Back!

Sometimes I feel really embarrassed seeing charity adverts of emaciated, hungry, African and Indian children on T.V. My nephew once asked me “Uncle is there no food in Africa?” I responded to him “Enough food to feed the whole world…potentially”.

If everyone affiliated with India or Africa either by birth or heritage outside of these continents decide to donate a minimal amount of their earnings to specific charities targeting their respective countries, then there would not be any need for the depiction of starving, sick or dying children on T.V. There would not be any reason for international charities soliciting funds vigorously through showing very pitiful and sometimes embarrassing scenes to seek money urgently for feeding children from these impoverished and sometimes war torn countries. We cannot all be at the forefront of these charitable acts, we cannot all be doctors or nurses treating sick children, but we can play our part in alleviating hunger, malaria, HIV/AIDS, Polio,low infant mortality rate and many more issues that affect children in underdeveloped countries. There are charities like save the children, Arms around the child, Oxfam, DEC etc who target these issues specifically.
It is up to you as an individual to play your part and give back…Charity begins at home…LITERALLY!
Do some research on which charity you can donate to today!

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BEFFTA 2012: Celebrating and Rewarding Black Entertainment

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The 4th annual Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Art(BEFFTA) 2012 is just around the corner again!

 This annual prestigious award, which is the brain child of Pauline Long, recognizes outstanding performance in the Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television and Arts industry.Afrocentricity Unleashed (yours sincerely) will be at this event as a guest, and (wait for this) NOMINEE 🙂. Online voting kicks off at 7pm today, the 7th of October 2012, and closes on the 21st of October, 2012.

Please find the different categories, as well as a list of nominees below.

 Entertainment Category


  1. 1.       Best Female Act: Mz Bratt, Nike Jemiyo, Cleo Sol,Cherri Voncelle,Hayle Cassidy, Lady Leshurr, Kyra, Princess Nyah, Yolanda Brown, Misha B, Lilas Lafleur, Kookie, NY, Emily Kay, Shiikane, Lea- Anna, Oneness Sankara
  2. 2.       Best Male Act: Angel, IKES, Smiler, Wiley, G Range,Clement Marfo, Jermaine Riley, J Sol, Donaeo, Valentine, Dele, Infecta, Scorcher, Fuse ODG, John Hectic, Micall Parknsun, Pane and Yardz, Alim Kamara
  3. 3.       Best Gospel Act: Guvna B, Faith D, Divine Divine, V9 Collective, New Rivers Choir,  Muyiwa and Riversongz, Andrew Bello, Meleke, Grace Galaxy, London Community Gospel Choir, Dolly P , Divine Impact, Lyrical Soldier
  4. 4.       Best International Act: Zahara, Camp Mulla, Cover Drive, Dbanj, Grace Galaxy, Ruff Kid
  5. 5.       Best UK AfroBeats Act: Fuse ODG, Mista Silva, May7ven, Kida Kudz, Musik Maestro, Shay, 2kriss, Shiikane, Tipsy, Mo Eazy, Vibes Squad, Ezi Emela
  6. 6.       Best UK Caribbean Act: Carol Thompson, Roger Robin, Sandra Cross, Maxi Priest, Lloyd Brown
  7. 7.       Best International Afrobeats Act: WizKid, DBanj, Wande Coal, Zahara, Iyanya, Chameleon, Ice Prince, Fally Ipupa, Sarkodie, Nameless, Nonini, Juliana Kanyomozi, Itz Tiffany
  8. 8.       Best International Caribbean Act: Movado, Vybz Kartel, Gyptian, Damain Marley, Sean Paul, Munga Tun Up, Konshens, Aidonia, Popcaan
  9. 9.       Best Producer: Mr J, Ayo Beatz, Perry Mystique, Victizzle, Rymez, J Weathers, Don Jazzy
  10. 10.    Best Video Director: P Designs, Sesan, Moe Musa, Elmino, Trail Pictures, AJE Filmworks, Antoine Dixon-Bellot Colin Tiley, Dego Visionz, Uvi Orogun, Akpe Ododoru, Duminas Alliance


  1. 1.       Best Dance Act: Boy Blue, CEO Dancers,High Rollaz,D3 Dancers, Project G, Akai, Dan-Kira, Cerebro
  2. 2.       Best Dance Choreographer: Ricardo Gomez, Kenrick Sandy, Ashley Banjo, Tony Adigun, Turbo


  1. 1.       Best Comedian: Eddie Kadi, Babatunde, Funmbi,  Ola the comedian, A Dot Comedian, Geoff Shumann, Don’t Jealous Me, Prince Abdi


  1. 1.       Station of the year: Rainbow Radio, The soul of London Radio, Voice of Africa radio, Zimnet radio, Guess Radio, Bang Radio, Colourful Radio, Premier Gospel, Zimpower FM, Playvybz Radio, Zimonline Radio, East Africa Radio Online, Inspiration FM
  2. 2.       Radio personality of the year: Yinka Awojobi, Kojo, Ace and Vis, Dave P, Jade Avia, Nage, Kweku Frimpong, Dotun Adebayo, Geoff Shumann, Wayne Boucaud, Benita White, Julie Ann Ryan, Space Clottey


  1. 1.       Best Community Newspaper: The Voice, The Vision, GLA News, Afro News, Trumpet, Phoenix,
  2. 2.       Magazine of the year: Black Hair, New African Woman, Black Beauty and Hair, Dive Scribe, Rewind, Ovation, Fab Magazine, OK Nigeria, ,Ninetynine Magazine, Arise Magazine, Pride, Afro Pulp, Tropics, Zen
  3. 3.       Journalist of the year: Charlene White, Lukwesa Burak, Janelle Oswald, Mimi Fawz, Lorna Cooper, Henry Bonsu, Regina Jere-Malanda, Belinda Otas, Shoggy Tosh
  4. 4.       Blog of the year: Nissi Knows, Shadders,, Bella Naija, Funmi Ogunja, Black Grape, Jennie Jenkins, Berry, Haut, Lolo’s Kloset,, Africa fashion guide,, The peoples Hub, Eighteen Forever, We Plug Good Music, Nollywood Uncut


  1. 1.       Best Events Promoter: Smade,, West Coast, Bashment Vibez, Play Entertainment, USH(UK Unsigned Hype), Deroots Promotions, Theodore Ibekwe PR, CRU NETWORK, FOCUS organization, Femtej Kreations media, Disk&Jockey entertainment, Cams promotions


  1. 1.       DJ of the year: Dj Neptizzle, DJ Unbeatable, Dj Fabuloz, DJ Shola Bee, DJ Xclusive, DJ Cameo, Dj Cee Cee, DJ French Kiss, DJ Lady G2, Dj Dubwise, Dj Longers, Dj Melody, Dj Eve Parkes


  1. 1.       Best Photographer: Akwasi Photography, Sixoone Media(David Mbiyu), Trevor Griffiths(iDelick Media), Cassandra M Photography, EJS Photography, Dami Oyetade, (Idezign), Squiz Hamilton, Stuart Dayley,  Fire Shonu Photography, Sync Photography, Creative Piece, Adeyinka Adepitan, Vivida, Akpe Ododoru

Fashion Category:

Fashion Designers

  1. 1.       Best Male Fashion Designer: Adebayo Jones, Visual Artistic Designer, James Brendan, Keve, Kgtkkt Couture, Zakaryas Solomon, Kitoko, Obiora Ichiebuka, Yusuf Abubakar
  2. 2.       Best Female Fashion Designer: Bukki Ojo, Bestow Elan, Light of Marie, Fabryan, Rouge, Eki Orleans, Anita Quansah, Korlekie, Adopted Culture, Dionne Gooding, Bubbushiiky, Tina Lobondi, Janet Opoku, Linda Mirembe, House of Adjeiwaa, AGR Clothing, Dephne Madyara, Johanna Jasmine Maddix


  1. 1.       Best Hair Stylist: Edmund Bossman, Junior Green, Eugene Davis, Charlotte Mensah, Donnie Smith, Sandra Webb, Verona White, Adeola Olase, Charlene Cumberbatch, Leon Jade, Joel D, Edee Beau, Ether
  2. 2.       Best Wardrobe Stylist: Samson Soboye, Joel Dash,  Tanesha Westcarr, Erica Matthews, Viennty Styling, Natasha Clarke, Crystal Deroche, Yemisi Adedipe, Sandra Aji, Samantha Watson , Jason Boateng, Abigail Ayoola

Make-up Artists

  1. 1.       Best Make-up Artist: Sophia Taylor, Sheeba Raye, Imelda Ladebo, Sophia Taylor, Kristy Prince, Saamia Khan, Joy Adenuga, Barbara Mensah, Dimple Patel, Ganga Bahambra, Edee Beau, CSG Make-up and beauty

Fashion Choreographers

  1. 1.       Best Fashion Choreographer: Reuben Joseph, Anouska Lewis, Yvonne Simon, Kwame Knight


  1. 1.       Best male model: Martins Igbinedion, Dudley O’Shaughnessy, Hassan Resse, Guetan, Jeremy Boateng, Salisu Abdullai, Charles Rare, Duke Dadzie, Zebulun Delisser, Prince Nkay, Dwain Stephens, Hassan Reese
  2. 2.       Best female model: Symara Templeman, Juanita Francis, Sherene McNicholl, April Alexander, Nana Afua Antwi, Edith Uba, Lydia Harris, Samira Hashi, Rukundo Tusubira, Rosemary Chileshe, Lisette Mibo, Cynthia Chisom,
  3. 3.       Best Modelling Agency: LV Casting Agency, Minc Model Management, Mahogany Model Management, Stomp Model Management, D1 Model Management, Oxygen Model Management, Demus Castings

Beauty Pageants

  1. 1.       Best Beauty Pageant: Miss West Africa UK, Miss Ghana UK, Miss Zim Diamond,, Miss Uganda UK, Miss Jamaica UK, Miss Flavour UK, Miss Black Africa, Miss Congo UK, Queen of Zambia UK, Miss Nubian Pageant
  2. 2.       Best Beauty Queen: Miss Congo UK 2012, Ruvimbo Chinzou, Fatoumata Touray, Ann Marie M’Sichili, Victoria Okafor
  3. 3.       Best Former Beauty Queen: Shirley Dee,Vicky Ngari, Nicola Sackey, Maria Namiro, Ruvimbo Chinzou, Denise Hanson, Misha Terrett, Victoria Mtonga,
  4. 4.       Best Beauty Pageant Director: June Daley, Mavis Osei, Dennis Tawiah, Jacqueline Wabara, Bridgette Chalu, Glorianne Francis, Dele Onabowu , Justina Mutale, Jacqueline Matovu

Film Category

  1. 1.       Best director: Richard Ayoade, Noel Clarke, Patrick Campbell, Obi Emelonye, Christian Asaiku, Tawanda Chimuzinga, Samuell Benta, Lanre Balogun
  2. 2.       Best Actor: Wil Johnson, Anthony Manjaro, James Bryhan, Wale Ojo, David Ajala, Ken Smart
  3. 3.       Best Actresses: Fatima Jabe, Omotola Jalade, Queen Allen, Sherrie Silver , Lorraine Fox, Anita Bellamy, Uru Eke
  4. 4.       Best Film: Last Flight to Abuja, Amina, To The End Of The Road,  Moral Conflict, Amina, Shattered Hearts
  5. 5.       Best screenwriter/Scriptwriter : Obi Emelonye, Maxine Chantel, Bola Agbaje Ann Akin, Debra Odutuyo, Samuell Benta, Babi Isako, Tolulope Yesufu
  6. 6.       Best theatre production Meet The Adebanjos, Belong by Bola Agbaje, I stand corrected by Mojisola Adebayo

TV Category

  1. 1.       Best Actress: Tameka Empson, Dianne Parish, Michelle Asante, Kehinde Fadipe, Chizzy Akudolu, Freema Agyemam, Letitia Hector, Faridah Rimmer, Moji Bamfeta
  2. 2.       Best Actor: Chucky Venn, Ashley Walters, Jimmy Akingbola, Nonso Anozie, Aml Ameen, Wale Ojo, Hugh Quarshie, David Ajala, Samuell Benta
  3. 3.       Best TV Station: BEN TV, VOX Africa, Africa Channel, Hi TV, OH TV
  4. 4.       Best TV Show: Shoot The Messenger, The Hi Life, AfroBuzz,The Sporah Show, The Magazine Show, Meet The Adebanjos, New Generation Show, BBS(BEN TV)
  5. 5.       Best TV personality: Nana AFua Antwi, Alesha Dixon, Lukwesa Burak, Femi Amusan, James Sherwood, Sporah Njau, Leah Charles
  6. 6.       Best presenter: Fernand Frimpong Jnr, Nana Afua Antwi, Sporah Jau, Leah Charles, Reggie Yates, Adesope Olajide, Sugapuff, Remel London, Natalie Brown
  7. 7.       Best Webseries: Breach, Venus Vs Mars, All About The McKenzies, Before The Big Time,
  8. 8.       Best online TV: Factory 78, UPshot TV, SBTV, Time With Natalie, Gidiculture TV

ART Category

1.       Best Spoken Word Artist/Poets – Oneness Sankara, Alim Kamara, Dan Bosi, Chaleboy The Poet, Dean Atta

2.       Best Art Director – Trendy Couture, Kwame Knight, Akpe Ododoru, Ola Shobowale

We will be providing you with a full disclosure of how the night pans out without excluding any details.


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