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Sometimes I feel really embarrassed seeing charity adverts of emaciated, hungry, African and Indian children on T.V. My nephew once asked me “Uncle is there no food in Africa?” I responded to him “Enough food to feed the whole world…potentially”.

If everyone affiliated with India or Africa either by birth or heritage outside of these continents decide to donate a minimal amount of their earnings to specific charities targeting their respective countries, then there would not be any need for the depiction of starving, sick or dying children on T.V. There would not be any reason for international charities soliciting funds vigorously through showing very pitiful and sometimes embarrassing scenes to seek money urgently for feeding children from these impoverished and sometimes war torn countries. We cannot all be at the forefront of these charitable acts, we cannot all be doctors or nurses treating sick children, but we can play our part in alleviating hunger, malaria, HIV/AIDS, Polio,low infant mortality rate and many more issues that affect children in underdeveloped countries. There are charities like save the children, Arms around the child, Oxfam, DEC etc who target these issues specifically.
It is up to you as an individual to play your part and give back…Charity begins at home…LITERALLY!
Do some research on which charity you can donate to today!

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  1. very good post and a very good answer to your nephew,

    i am also very sick with this never ending posters and TV commercials of hunger stricken children and mucus running down their noses, you would think they would at least have the decency to wipe that out, i mean after all this children are stars and money making machines..

    i am not saying there is no hunger back home, but yes charity begins at home and one can only wonder why we only see the African and the India children, are we saying there is no hunger here in America or in the UK? hunger is everywhere and the one in Africa is not worse than the one here or across the globe….

    i hate children being exploited with promise of charity and people playing god with our minds …

    if indeed we want to fight hunger .. let everyone look simply across the streets and our neighbors . , the problem can will be solved…..

    • @veryproudtobe many thanks for your insightful response. It IS a very sad issue indeed . A statistic was released about the number of children that go to school without breakfast here in the UK and you will be shocked at the above average percentage. The charity adverts on our T.Vs are quite misleading sometimes, since our children get a complete misconception of Africa, and get really ashamed of identifying themselves with the continent. One of my younger cousins once told me that if someone says “you are AF” or “behaving af-like”(af being a noun or verb depending on the context in which it is being used, and a shortened form of Africa apparently) means you are un-cultured, uncouth and lack style. It’s quite sad how kids these days have been brainwashed by different depictions of Africa by the media and so on, hence refusing to identify with the continent. Oh well, that’s what we are here to correct and redress 🙂 Thanks again for your input. Much appreciated.

      • veryproundtobe

        wow… i used to be ashamed to introduce my self as African too due to the stigma attached to it.., my god i felt like i was cursed already because the first things that people think about about Africa is poverty and wild animals..

      • @verproudtobe on the contrary you should be very proud to be African. Considering the recent spate of economic downturns and poverty worldwide, I don’t see any reason for stigmatism since every country or continent have their own issues. And as for wildlife, ah that is a thing of pride for sure. Lol

      • veryproundtobe

        you very right…., it is just the people understanding of Africa and having to always defend my self… that drives me wild….

      • I understand where you are coming from, we do what we have to. For me personally sometimes , silence is just golden .

  2. i like your approach… silence can sometimes be golden……

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