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Oxfam Launches “Food for all Campaign” To Address Africa`s “Hunger-Stricken Continent” Media Stereotype.

A few months ago(October 15), Afrocentricity Unleashed covered an article called Giving Back! (which can be found here where we mentioned the negative media depiction of Africa as a hunger-plagued continent. Oxfam`s Cheif executive Dame Stocking released a statement regarding this issue. You can read more on the interview here There is also an ongoing discussion section which you can engage in if you so desire.

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Giving Back!

Sometimes I feel really embarrassed seeing charity adverts of emaciated, hungry, African and Indian children on T.V. My nephew once asked me “Uncle is there no food in Africa?” I responded to him “Enough food to feed the whole world…potentially”.

If everyone affiliated with India or Africa either by birth or heritage outside of these continents decide to donate a minimal amount of their earnings to specific charities targeting their respective countries, then there would not be any need for the depiction of starving, sick or dying children on T.V. There would not be any reason for international charities soliciting funds vigorously through showing very pitiful and sometimes embarrassing scenes to seek money urgently for feeding children from these impoverished and sometimes war torn countries. We cannot all be at the forefront of these charitable acts, we cannot all be doctors or nurses treating sick children, but we can play our part in alleviating hunger, malaria, HIV/AIDS, Polio,low infant mortality rate and many more issues that affect children in underdeveloped countries. There are charities like save the children, Arms around the child, Oxfam, DEC etc who target these issues specifically.
It is up to you as an individual to play your part and give back…Charity begins at home…LITERALLY!
Do some research on which charity you can donate to today!

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