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A message from 500 Ugandan women

Check out this video message by SYPO a Dutch based NGO. These women need start up funds for their local businesses and are clearly not in need of handouts. Enjoy the message and most importantly SPREAD THE WORD.

Black History Month Special : Iconic Historic Black Personalities

Afrocentricity Unleashed

The month of October is known to many people as a significant month in many ways. It signifies for some the beginning of autumn, Filipino American history month, Domestic Violence awareness month, Italian American Heritage month, and Black history month. Contrary to all the controversies surrounding this month long celebration of black heritage and history, and different camps for or against its celebration, it is still a recognized month-long event.Although it seems to be getting lesser media coverage, it remains significant to those who affiliate themselves with history and achievements of black people not just in America, but worldwide – “If you know your history, you will know where you are coming from” Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley

We have decided to mention a few individuals(present and past) who we would like to recognize for their exceptional humanitarian and individual achievements  not just relevant to their race, but to mankind in general…

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