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Humorous African Signage and Warnings

Top of the day to our followers! Today we have decided not to take ourselves too seriously and have a bit of a laugh on Afrocentricity unleashed(for a change). Please note that this post is for humour purposes only and if you easily get offended, i will suggest you ignore this post and view some of our other posts. I can assure you however, that if you have a good sense of humour…we can get a smile off you even if it`s just for a split second ;).

Enjoy the attached pictures, showing hilarious signage and warnings. The message intended(even though not well written), always have the desired effect. Enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful & relaxed weekend 🙂

Non-domestic, dangerous animals on the prowl!

A no brainer

The sign speaks for itself

You`ve been warned!

Putting things in perspective

You get the message?

Teka Way anyone?

If you can`t understand my english, you will understand my point…soon enough!