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Summer time: Nottinghill Carnival 2012

Last weekend gone was another Summer carnival weekend here in the UK. What better way to enjoy the carnival weekend (after all the dreary weather) than to be at the NOTTINGHILL CARNIVAL!

Did you know that Nottinghill carnival is Europe`s biggest carnival? Did you know that the nottinghill carnival started in 1964 as a way for Afro-Caribbean communities to celebrate their own cultures and traditions after the abolition of slave trade? It has now become a way of celebrating individual cultures across the globe here in the UK where people of all cultures,races, ethnicities,countries and demographics come together(Afrocentricity Unleashed cannot afford to miss out on this) to celebrate summer. Please check out some pictures courtesy of DJA Media from the Nigerian corner where we had legendary nigerian musician Sir Shina Peters, renowned DJs Dayo Adeneye(D1) and Kenny(keke) Ogungbe present, as well as other popular afrobeats artistes,comedians, models, and actors celebrating. HAPPY SUMMER…or what is left of it :)!

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