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Nigeria’s finest UK DJs industry party 2012

If music is food for the soul,then DJs must be cooks for the soul(that is right! You heard it from afrocentricity unleashed first so no copyright infringement please :)).

The 2nd annual Nigerian DJs UK party presented by nigerian djs uk, was held on Saturday the 23rd of August, 2012 at D`Den Legacy nightclub, Swiss Cottage, London. This annual event is the first of its kind anywhere in europe where the creme de la creme African and Nigerian DJs in the UK, other DJs with affiliation for afrobeats, afrobeats artistes, models, comedians and entreprenuers within the african and afrocarribean entertainment industry meet together to discuss general issues relating to the afrobeats industry.

I was privileged to be at this event which showcased the best of the best DJs in the afrobeats music industry, as well as the finest afrobeat mixes that will make a baby wriggle with excitement…i even had a good chat with one of my favorite DJ Edu from BBC 1xtra`s destination africa!(

Each DJ had a few minutes to spin not only their “turntable” but showcase their skills, versatility, ingenuity and innovations. It was also an opportunity for DJs to put their rivalries aside and rub minds,share ideas and opinions. I believe come-togethers of these kind can only bring about cooperation and structure within the afrobeats industry and create a continuous evolvement of this music style which is indeed a good thing…bigger picturewise. Talk about pictures, please enjoy the attached pictures courtesy of DJA Media.