Interview with Afrobeats Artiste Radical 77


Radical 77 is a conscious Afrobeats artiste who has a unique style of Afro-rap. He  has been on the scene for a few years and even though he is not as popular as a lot of other afrobeats artistes, his message of unity, fair society and cooperation are quite clearly stamped on his style of music. This is quite unique within a genre fast loosing what it orginally stood for, as dictated by the icon of Afrobeats, the great Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Afrocentricity unleashd caught up with Radical 77 to get up, close and personal. Enjoy 🙂

AU: Can i start by saying thanks for honoring our invitation to this interview session at Afrocentricity Unleashed.

Radical 77:Thanks for hosting me.

AU: For the benefit of our readers, who is Radical 77 and how did you get that name?

Radical 77 : Okay, I’m Radical77 not a typical one aka Olaonipekun Olabode Osoba,and the Radical came from my mum due to my way of seeing things differently and standing my ground, from my childhood.
AU: Tell us what growing up was like?

Radical 77: Growing up wasn’t that easy in Lagos and the UK as my family experienced some unsettled life,but life is really beautiful and it entails a lot of ups and downs which really shaped me into who i am today; my lyrics potrays that.
AU: When did you start your musical career?

Radical 77: That’s a bit hard to explain. I started out  as a poet  performing before fellow school mates. I later performed at different events both in Nigeria and here in the UK.About 4yrs ago,
a professor at my unversity encouraged me to try rap, as my style suits can be likened to more consious-styled rap.

AU: So how has the journey been so far?

Radical 77: I really thank God since my journey has been awesome, and i consider myself blessed.i can’t deny the effect of God and my Fans on my career since I started making it in the industry approximately 2 years ago.

AU: Your style of Afrobeats is very unique since it includes a blend of the Yoruba language. How would you describe your style to our readers?

Radical 77: My style is Afro Hiphop and straight hip hop. I sing for the people; it’s mostly about the lyrics ,the catchy hooks and the message i intend to deliver

AU Your shows have been known to be well attended, and it also cuts across a lot of social barriers.What is the secret behind this?

Radical 77:It’s always By God’s Grace  and i always get to know the fans i’m performing for before going on  stage; that then determines the tracks i perform. For instance, before my western fans i would perform more of my western Oriented work and would do more of my afro beat before my afro fans.

AU:You performed at the last “crack ya ribs” comedy show in Glasgow which was a huge success with the social media going riot. How was that for you?

Radical 77: That was a great achievement i have to admit. The crowd was huge and i made my fans go wild.

AU:Do you have any albums or demos in the offing at the moment which our readers can check out or buy?

Radical 77: Yes I’ve released 5 Singles which can be accessed via,, and

AU: And do you have Social media links i.e Facebook, twitter and the like?

Radicall 77: My Artiste page and follow me on Twitter @radica77 andTwitter @Bygracerecords

AU: Radica 77 it has been a pleasure to have you on our couch.We do wish you very best in your music career.

Radicall 77:Really appreciate!Iit’s been really good fun lounging and chatting with you. Thanks a lot.

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