Humorous African Signage and Warnings

Top of the day to our followers! Today we have decided not to take ourselves too seriously and have a bit of a laugh on Afrocentricity unleashed(for a change). Please note that this post is for humour purposes only and if you easily get offended, i will suggest you ignore this post and view some of our other posts. I can assure you however, that if you have a good sense of humour…we can get a smile off you even if it`s just for a split second ;).

Enjoy the attached pictures, showing hilarious signage and warnings. The message intended(even though not well written), always have the desired effect. Enjoy the pictures and have a wonderful & relaxed weekend :)

Non-domestic, dangerous animals on the prowl!

A no brainer

The sign speaks for itself

You`ve been warned!

Putting things in perspective

You get the message?

Teka Way anyone?

If you can`t understand my english, you will understand my point…soon enough!


About Dee Ajayi

I am a self-motivated individual who loves to share information and motivate others.I have a strong passion for afro-entertainment news and analysis, as well as a constructive critic of anything african veering off mark. I love reading novels,discussing politics,playing video games in my spare time(yeah still that young boy with his atari controller tucked into his bed covers lol) and motivational quotes(please follow @inspiratore on twitter). I would like to use this blogspot to share information about "mainly" african,afrocarribean and african diaspora related entertainment information,philosophy and exposure. Read my blogs to get the latest news and my own personal,unbiased analysis of entertainment,fashion,acting,artistes etc. ENJOY!:)

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